Gladewater ISD

Gladewater ISD is located twelve miles west of Longview, Texas, and thirty-five miles north of Tyler, Texas, and has a population of approximately 6,319. The 2,059 students travel from inside the city limits and rural areas that reach into Smith, Upshur, and Gregg counties. This once wealthy, oil-boom rich town has since experienced the declining oil prices with the depletion of oil and gas wells in the district. The town nearly died several years ago when most downtown businesses closed. A few motivated individuals researched downtown business revitalization and encouraged risk-takers to open antique stores. Within only a couple of years, the downtown area became a thriving hub with people from all over the area traveling to Gladewater to shop for precious, hard-to-find antiques. Gladewater has become known as the East Texas Antique Capital — thirty-two businesses grace the historic downtown area and brick-lined streets. A small community of Texans that are close-knit with many churches and an active group of business and community professionals describes Gladewater, Texas. Many Gladeites work in nearby Longview and Tyler.