Thinking About Selling? Now is the Time!

1621940_10152155199373821_252216685_n (1)Statistics show that the best time to list a house is March. This makes sense since many people try to move during the summer due to school changes. This is also the perfect time to showcase your homes curb appeal since most plants and flowers are beginning to look their best. Curb appeal is very important even with so many websites being utilized to buy homes. Most people still take the time to drive by to check out the area. If the outside looks as if it needs attention you might never know they drove by. If money allows it might be worth it in the long run to hire a professional to spruce it up. Planters with seasonal color can be just enough to dress up the entry area.

Once you get their attention with your added curb appeal set the stage inside to make them feel right at home by starting your packing process by boxing up those treasured personal items such as collectibles and family photos. This is also the perfect time to go through closets and make them look larger by eliminating things you no longer need or use. Go ahead and box up off season items and place the boxes that will be moving to your new home in a corner of the garage, it’s okay they know your moving.

The next simple step is to check furniture arrangement for traffic flow. Edit items on your kitchen counters to show off all the counter space. If you hardly ever use the crockpot pack it away. It’s getting warmer so you can cook out more. Take full advantage of all outside areas as the weather gets warmer set up outside eating and sitting areas. Keep in mind many items that you might use to enhance theses areas will be going with you to your new home so it’s a win-win.

As we all know every home has its own special odors from kids sweaty gym socks to cats litter boxes. We all try to cover them up with air freshener but keep in mind that some people are sensitive even to good odors and you don’t want them to miss out on the best deal out there because they rush through so keep it simple with odor neutralizes or softer clean fresh scents. Run your dryer with your favorite dryer sheets or throw some slice and bake cookies in the oven for the kids after school snack. A few simple changes can help you move forward quickly and effortlessly!


Submitted by Debra Alford with Noon & Associates Real Estate