Step by Step Guide for the Home Sale Process

soldSteps of the Home Sales Process:

1.  Financing:   Pre-approval – this lets you know how much you qualify to buy and what type of loan works best for you.  We know the best lenders in the area-     We will help you find the best one for you.

2.  Finding the home for you:  We will show you homes that fit your search criteria and find your home!

3.  Preparing the offer:  We will run comparables in the area, then we will write and submit the offer.

4.  Negotiating the offer:  We will work for you in your best interests.

5.  Offer accepted:  Contract is executed and option period begins.

6.  Inspections:  (Home & Pests) – Relax we can give you a list of inspectors.

7.  Repairs negotiated:  Again, relax this is normal and we are skilled negotiators.

8.  Appraisal:  This is usually ordered by the lender and is typically done after inspections and negotiations.

9.  Survey:  We will find out if there is an existing survey and get it to your lender and title company.  (This could save you several hundred dollars!)

10.  Title Commitment:  A title policy will be done by the title company and will be sent to you for review.

11.  Final loan approval:  Relax, we are almost there!

12.  Set closing date & time:  We will try to work around your schedule and get a time convenient for you.

13.  Buyers Walk-thru:  One last walk through before closing on the property.

14.  Closing and funding:  Remember to bring your drivers license. the title company only accepts cashier’s check.

15.  Moving:  The home buying process is complete.  We can even offer recommendations for moving companies.

16.  Refer all your family and friends to us!  We love working with nice people!



    Remember, we at Noon & Associates are with you every step of the way!