Home Staging Tips for Sellers

As a Certified Staging Specialist I have learned that some simple inexpensive staging strategies can be very helpful in marketing your home. Many people will drive by your home several times prior to inquiring about a property so you will want your yard to not only look manicured but also inviting. A simple solution that can actually go with you when you make that move is seasonal color in small planters on your porch or near your front door. No time to water try a seasonal door wreath.



Once you get them inside the next step is to make them feel at home. They need to be able to see their family in your home so get a jump on your move by packing away personal items. Beloved family photos unfortunately distract potential buyers. Any collectibles are actually safer packed away as well since many people bring their children with them when touring homes. Clearing unused appliances off of kitchen counters helps to make it appear as if there is more counter space. Beyond that simple traffic flow by rearranging furniture can help make rooms seem larger. Try to define a purpose for unique areas don’t let buyers visualize it as an awkward area make it a reading niche or a game area with a small table or a comfy chair. Make them want to sit down and stay!

Written by Debra Alford with Noon & Associates Real Estate, LLC