Happy Valentine’s (Home) Day

As all of us are bombarded with cupid’s arrows I am reminded of the saying ”
home is where the heart is”. I know that might seem just a little overly
sentimental. However, if you think about it for most of us home is where we
start and end most of our days. Even though some of those mornings, well most of
them might be hectic, this is in a since when we typically at least touch base
with our closest loved ones from spouse to children to a beloved pet. Often that
is something as simple as what does your day look like or do you have your
homework to can we meet for lunch or do you have your lunch. Home all be it
hectic is caring and comfort on a level that just doesn’t occur elsewhere! Then
at the end of a long day most of us can’t wait to get home to relax to some
extent. Even if that means doing a few things around the house we can still be
more relaxed and be ourselves. A few minutes sharing an after school snack or
talking about work or school or the game at dinner. That is home. Home is even
more of a refuge when we don’t feel well! Just getting home and curling up under
a nice warm throw and watching a favorite silly show with a cup of warm cocoa is
pure bliss lately. Not to mention the excitement of moving into that first house
with your significant other or bringing a precious new baby home for the first
time. So, I guess even from a practical standpoint home is our haven. Happy Home
(Valentines) Day!


Written by Noon & Associates Agent Debra Alford