Tatum ISD

Tatum ISD begins this year with a record enrollment of 1,637 students. Our students are a diverse group of high achievers lead by a committed staff of professionals. TISD is committed to providing a challenging curriculum that requires high levels of learning and accountability that will prepare graduates for higher education or employment.

TISD provides a jump start to students post secondary education by providing up to 24 hours of dual enrollment college credit paid for by TISD. In addition, the Tatum Education Foundation awarded a $2,200 scholarship to all 2012 graduates that had been continuously enrolled for three years. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Foundation through volunteering time or making donations, what a great legacy.

The student enrollment continues a pattern of increased enrollment over the past several years. Transfer students are 18% of the total student enrollment. These transfer students attend TISD but live outside the physical boundaries, indicating that TISD is the “district of choice” in East Texas.