7 Truths of Real Estate for Sellers

Here are seven important real estate truths for Sellers:

1.  Having an agent represent you has its advantages:

  • —  Professional Representation… I am your personal representatives and are required by law to represent your best interests to the best of our ability.

  • —  Personal Specialist…I know the market.

  •  Objectivity… My job is to point out the pros and cons for all the decisions you will be making throughout the home selling process.  I  might even tell you things you don’t want to hear, but it is my duty to help you make informed decisions, not emotionally based decisions.

  • —  Convenience… You will get a full time realtor working for you!

2.  Not all real estate agents are Realtors.  Realtors subscribe to a strict code of ethics and maintain a high level of standards.

—3.  The price of your home should be based on the price of recently SOLD properties in your area.  This will give you a fair market value.

—4.  Research shows that more homes are purchased at the fair market value – not above it.

—5.  The fair market value is determined by the market – that is, what today’s buyers are willing to pay for it.

—6.  Your home generates the most interest in the real estate community and among potential buyers during the first 30 days it is on the market.  If it is not properly  priced during this time, we miss out on this peak level of interest.

—7.  Ads are not always effective in selling real estate.  Data compiled by the National Association of Realtors showed that buyers first learn about homes they purchased from:

—  Real estate agent – 36%

—  Internet – 29%

—  Yard Sign – 15%

—  Builder – 6%

—  Friend, relative or neighbor 6%

—  Newspaper ad – 5%

—  Knew the seller 2%

—  Home book or magazine – 1 %

When you are ready to sell your property, let one of the professionals at Noon & Associates guide you through the process.


Written by Stephanie Prine with Noon & Associates Real Estate, LLC

Stephanie Prine